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When it comes to painting, if you prefer to do it yourself, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

OIL AND LATEX PAINTS, DO NOT MIX -  Unless you like it when your paint job easily rubs off, do not put latex paint over oil based paint without the proper preparation: de-glossing the sheen; and sanding.

THE NO-PREP-NEEDED MYTH - Good preparation is essential, about 85% of the job relies on the preparations and what the final appearance will look like.  Sanding the surface, vacuuming, washing, stain priming, and drywall repairs and caulking all the areas are the most important steps in any paint job.  Especially if the coating you are using has any type of sheen to it.

COVER THE FLOORS AND FURNITURE - Even the professionals cover floors and furniture.  Spills happen even if you are too careful.  Drop clothes save time and money.  It is not a "fun" task cleaning up paint!

BUYING CHEAP PAINT - This would be the other 15% of the job.  Good quality paint will be the final affect you are looking for.  Cheap paint is thinner and harder to work with.  It will often require more coats for good coverage and the final sheen appearance will be unsatisfactory.  In addition, it is a lot messier in regards to spattering

SKIMPING ON PAINT - Use enough coats of paint or stain, especially concerning decks.  One coat can look great but the second gives you durability.

THE WHAT-COULD-POSSIBLY-GO-WRONG MYTH - Safety is necessary.  Make sure you have sufficient ventilation when using harsh chemicals.  Drop cloths are a tripping element and stepladders are little tricky in small crowded areas too.

USING INCORRECT TOOLS OR HAVING NO TOOLS - Not having the correct tools to work with will make any job much harder.  Cheap tools are worse than no tools at all.  As a professional, I can say do not attempt a project without buying the proper tools, it will lead to a lot of frustration.

USING MASKING TAPE - Regular masking tape rips paint and wallpaper off with it when you try to remove it.  Paint stores sell blue / green / purple specialty masking tape that is less sticky.  However, this is no substitute for learning to cut a straight line.

UNDERESTIMATING THE COST - DIY'ers will tell you that any home project costs 50% more than estimated.

KNOW WHEN TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL - A common mistake is thinking that painting is easy.  Take it from a's harder and more involved than you might think.  We just make it look easy through our experience.  If you do not have a comfortable feeling,