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Durability and product life span are key yardsticks to determining interior paint quality.  You will want to consider four factors in your search for the best paint: indoor air quality, stain resistance, deep-tone flat finishes, and maximum productivity.


Recent advances in environmentally preferred coatings now make it possible to enjoy high performance in low-odor, low-VOC paints formulated with low or no silica as well as anti-microbial properties to resist mildew.  Duration HomeTM and Harmony® Interior Latex, for example, have earned the Sherwin-Williams GreenSureTM designation for their combination of high performance and high environmental marks.  In addition to their "green" qualities, they resist burnish marks and withstand repeated washings with no visible paint wear.  They also have very good hide and touch-up, and will save your customers money - and promote better indoor air quality - by reducing the frequency of repaints.


Look for waterborne coatings with the right balance of wash ability, scrub ability, stain resistance, and burnish resistance to give your customers the longest-lasting finish.  Scrub ability and burnish resistance are two other essential components of durability to consider in your selection of an interior paint.  In high-traffic environments, for example, you will want to select a coating that offers a high degree of burnish resistance.  You will get the best results by seeking products that have "scrub cycle" and "burnish resistance" ratings that can be validated through independent testing.  By definition, scrub tests measure a coating's resistance to repeated scrubbings with a bristle brush.  The higher the cycle number, the better the performance.  Burnish resistance tests evaluate the changes in paint sheen after a number of cycles from a soft cloth.  Results are reported in units of sheen change, so the lower the number, the better.


When selecting paint, remember that sheen can be directly related to paint durability.  In general, durability increases with gloss.  On the other hand, flats are generally better at hiding surface imperfections.  In certain situations, an eggshell finish that offers high scrub ability and high burnish resistance is a good solution.  Today's advanced paint technology has enabled the creation of paints like Duration Home that offer color vibrancy and mar resistance even in a flat sheen in today's popular bold accent colors.  This enables you to give designers, builders and homeowners the finishes they prefer along with the durability that makes you look good.


As you know, time is money in the paint business, so every hour you can save on labor helps you keep your customer happier.  Advanced coatings such as ProMar® 200 XP help you maximize your productivity by delivering a high-build, uniform finish in one less coat.  With the product's recommended spray and back roll method, you can minimize drywall fuzz, conceal imperfections, and camouflage minor surface scratches and differences in mud porosity.

: The job is done faster so you can move on to the next project.