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Upon the initial inspection of your home, the next step you should think about when repainting is how to increase the longevity of the paint product.  The answer is simple, make sure the proper preparations are performed and use a high quality paint product that will provide more protection.  You ask why should I use a high-end paint product.  Quality paints are formulated to provide a great look that lasts longer.  They adhere better to surfaces and stand up to the elements more effectively.

With high quality paint, you can expect:

  1. BETTER COLOR RETENTION - In many cases, quality paints keep their "new" look up to twice as long as lower grade paints.
  2. BETTER DIRT RESISTANCE - Quality paints will not pick up and hold airborne impurities.
  3. BETTER RESISTANCE TO CHALKING - Quality paints will hold their finish longer.
  4. BETTER MILDEW RESISTANCE - With quality paints, the chance of unsightly mildew is greatly reduced.
  5. BETTER HIDING - Quality paints provide a higher build for better coverage, so fewer coats are required, that saves you on materials, time, and labor.
  6. LESS BLISTERING, FLAKING, AND PEELING - Quality paints have better adhesion, giving you better curb appeal, year after year.

With high quality paint, you can expect:

  1. NO BRUSH OR ROLLER MARKS - Quality paints go on more smoothly than cheaper brands.  That means a cleaner, more consistent appearance.
  2. BETTER HIDING - Quality paints cover the old paint job better, with less work and less retouching.  That means you will need to apply fewer coats.
  3. MINIMAL SPATTERING - With quality paint, clean up after the job is faster and simpler.
  4. BETTER RESISTANCE TO DIRT - Better paints require less maintenance.
  5. BETTER RESISTANCE TO SCRUBBING - High-end paints stand up to repeated washings.
  6. BETTER RESISTANCE TO BURNISHING - With quality paints, your customers will notice fewer of those "shiny" marks from rubbing and cleaning.  That ultimately means less maintenance.

"The true worth of quality paint"

The old adage is true: The cheapest paint is not necessarily the most inexpensive.  So before you make a decision based on price, consider this: Lower quality paints require more coats to cover, are not as durable, and usually needs repainting much sooner.  This is especially true with exterior coatings.

To get a true reading of costs, look beyond the price tag and compare the "cost per year of service."  Let us say you are painting a home that requires 5 gallons of exterior latex.

You have two options:

  • Buy lower grade paint at $20.00 per gallon with an expected lifespan of three years.
  • Buy high quality paint at $35.00 per gallon with an expected lifespan of seven years.

In the first scenario, your out of pocket material cost would be $120.00 (5 gal.  @ $20) since the paint is expected to last three years, the "cost per year" is $120 divided by 3 years or $40 per year.

If you use higher quality paint, your material cost would be $175.00 (5 gal.  @ $35) since you will not have to repaint for seven years, your "cost per year" is $175 divided by 7 years or $25 per year.

By choosing the higher-priced, higher quality paint, you actually save $15 a year in paint expense and that is just the material cost.  Add labor into the equation and the money you save in the end increases even more.